The COVID-19 Pandemic strikes again and I👏 AM👏 OVER👏 IT👏!!!

Pizza Hut announced that they will be closing 300 of their under-performing stores after the pizza chain filed for bankruptcy this passed July. The owner of Pizza Hut will also be allegedly selling the remainder of the store locations. (Ummmm....does this mean that Pizza Hut will no longer exist?) 

And most of the locations that will be closed revolve around INDOOR DINING!

I guess that this isn't the biggest surprise with everything going on....ya know.....PANDEMIC.

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But the silver lining is that Pizza Hut has been veering away from the dining room set up and instead want to rely on customers ordering pick-up on their website or other food delivery apps.

The scary part is that we do not know which locations are expected to close when.

But there is some good news: Pizza Hut has already declared that any employees who lose their jobs because of the closings will remain employed but will be placed in a different Pizza Hut location. *FEWF*

I am so over restaurant and retailer closings by this point.

I don't know what we need to do to turn things around but whatever it is, we better put it into motion FAST.

Take a look at the original article with this sad announcement at

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