Well, there's no denying that last summer was a bust at the Jersey shore.

By the looks of things, this summer's shaping up to be leaps and bounds better than last year with each passing day. It seems like every morning, I wake up and see some event or business announcing they're back once more. I have to say, it's a great feeling.

I say that to say this: Wildwood is going to POPPING this summer. First of all, the Barefoot Country Music Fest is happening in August, so everyone's excited for that. More super fun events that everyone looks forward to every summer are starting to creep their way back onto the city's social calendar.

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In a press release sent out this week, Morey's Piers announced the return of beach sports to Wildwood this season! Morey's Piers is a hot spot for numerous events and tournaments throughout the summer (with the exception of last year, obviously. Thanks, Covid). This year, guests can enjoy a volleyball tournament, a soccer tournament, flag football, hockey, basketball, wrestling, and even a cornhole tournament all going down over the next few months.

South Jersey really has gone from zero to one hundred in a matter of a few months, but no complaints here! It's nice that the area is seeing the tourism bounce back the way it has already. With the return of sports to the beach, hopefully that will only preserve and increase tourism numbers as the weeks go by.

You can find out all of tournaments headed to Morey's Piers this summer by clicking HERE.

Source: Wildwood365.Blogspot.com

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