We hope you've been having an awesome summer so far, and we're sure those good times most likely include an adult beverage or two. And with plenty of summer left, we reached out to the experts to offer you some great options for your next get together or quiet summer night.

So, we reached out to our friends at Shop Rite Wines & Spirits of Kings Common in Middletown to help us out. They are a great source of information and have an immense selection.

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This week Shop Rite Wines & Spirits of Kings Common has chosen Diving Into Hampton Water Rose to place the spotlight on and it's a great choice. Here's what is being said about the wine that was the inspiration of Jesse Bongiovi, son of rocker Jon Bon Jovi.

Newsweek raved about this rosé ...

The very first sip of Hampton Water rosé is much like the name suggests—a dive into the luxury of the Hamptons. It's like taking in the sorbet sunsets of the Long Island Sound, except with a crystal glass of wine that manages to light up your palate with the finer things in life, similar to the glamour and allure of the swanky shop-lined streets of Southampton.

So, as you make your plans for your summer Jersey Shore weekend, put Diving Into Hampton Water on your list and go grab some at Shop Rite Wines & Spirits Of Kings Common on Highway 35 in Middletown.

Photo courtesy of Donnie Woodham
Photo courtesy of Donnie Woodham

And this amazing place has an absolutely huge selection, so stock up on everything you need to make the rest of your summer the best ever! And when you're there, say hi to our friend Donnie. And keep looking for our next Point Cocktail of the Week.

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