🔘 A motel that has gained a TikTok following was the site of a scary fight

🔘 A man from NJ was accused of trying to run over another man outside

🔘 Police have said they are called to the business multiple times a day

NORTH BERGEN — Among a flurry of daily police calls made stemming from a motel that’s gone viral on TikTok — one man has been accused of trying to run down another person.

North Bergen police were called to the Lincoln Tunnel Motel at 3801 Tonnelle Ave. on Wednesday, where two men had gotten into a fight.

Just before officers arrived, surveillance video obtained by NBC New York shows one of the men get into a car and then drive straight into the other man.

The pedestrian’s legs were hit, according to the report, and the driver wasn’t done.

The car lurched back and forward a few times — also leaving a motel room exterior door damaged.

(Lincoln Tunnel Motel fight via NBC New York)
(Lincoln Tunnel Motel fight via NBC New York)

The driver — a 42-year-old man from West New York — was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, according to NBC New York.

Police did not immediately respond to a message from New Jersey 101.5 on Thursday.

(Lincoln Tunnel Motel fight via NBC New York)
(Lincoln Tunnel Motel fight via NBC New York)

On TikTok, the motel has gained popularity due to “Brian the motel guy.”

Brian Acosta-Arya, owner of the Lincoln Tunnel Motel, has been closing in on a million followers — with 951,000 as of late May.

Acosta-Arya’s generosity, giving rooms free-of-charge to those in desperate need of a place to stay, is what landed him on the Kelly Clarkson show — while quirky sketches on social media have helped grow his fanbase.

But, North Bergen police have said the daily calls to incidents at the facility have put a real strain on their resources.

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