New Jersey drivers were recently ranked as 7th best drivers in the nation. I wondered if actual New Jersey drivers agreed.

So did Garden State drivers confirm the results of some research that put New Jersey drivers among the top 10 in the nation? Absolutely not. I mean no one confirmed it in our poll. Literally no one. The choice "Yes, we are great drivers" did not get one vote. Zero.

In typical New Jersey fashion, "I am a great driver, but the rest are not" got 56% of the votes. 44% wouldn't crown themselves great drivers, but instead simply voted for "No we are not among the best in the nation.

So when you break the numbers down, literally 100% of those surveyed said aside from themselves, there are no great drivers in New Jersey. Just when I thought I couldn't love the people of New Jersey anymore.

Just one warning though...make sure you're not actually driving while patting yourself on the back for your driving ability. That could be dangerous.

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