Let's start by saying we're definitely talking about the building here, If we were, we'd be talking about a post office in Manhattan or something. What we're talking about here is the view.

And the view from this Ocean County post office is literally breathtaking. It is vintage "Jersey Shore " amazing with a view of the Barnegat Bay that most people would equate with a vacation day.

All you want to do is drop some mail in the mailbox there or maybe send a package or buy some stamps. But seconds after you exit your car you are welcomed by a sweeping, wide view of the Barnegat Bay and the majestic Tunney Bridge.

And you wonder to yourself how the very simple, basic building that is this local post office landed on this piece of heaven.

The Amazing Island Heights, NJ Post Office

It's just another one of those little things that make the Jersey shore a big deal. It's pretty much safe to say that yo are always around the corner from a beautiful view here at the Jersey Shore.

There are 37 Ocean County post Offices listed at postallocations,com, and we appreciate them all. Our postal workers never let us down, even in the craziest conditions, and we thank them for all they do.

And each of those 37 locations play a key role in its community, and we rely on them all. But, let's be honest, they don't all come with the view that the Island Heights post office provides us.

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