Nobody won Wednesday night's impressive Powerball jackpot, sending tomorrow night's number even higher.

$253 million is up for grabs (a mere $170.5 million if you opt for the cash value) tomorrow. Sure, the chances of winning are slim, but at only $2 a game, it's worth a shot.

I, for one, happen to love lottery games. Scratch-offs are my favorite, and while I don't buy them all that often, I like to pick them up from time to time when I'm feeling a bit lucky. (Granted, I've never really won big, but I'll keep the faith.)

The crazy part is, if someone wins tomorrow, it won't even be close to the biggest jackpot. The largest Powerball win was $365 million in 2006, and the largest overall US lottery jackpot happened earlier this year, when the Mega Millions reached $656 million.

Would be nice...but you should probably save your money. I'm definitely going to win this time.

What would you do with the money if you won the jackpot?