Teresa Giudice and her boyfriend Louie Ruelas are getting serious. Head over heels in love serious! Let me ask you this...what is one of the final steps before getting engaged on national TV? Isn't it having the boyfriend meet the father of your children? Yes, that happened. Louie met Joe and everything seemed to go well. However, you can't tell me that Joe is not jealous. When asked if he missed being married to Teresa he threw major shade! BTW..I have a bold prediction because I'm a little bit psychic.

Nothing will take the magic out of a relationship quicker than a few felonies and some prison time. Of course in March 2014 when Teresa and Joe pleaded guilty to 41 counts of fraud, Teresa had to serve 11 months in federal prison. That gives you a lot of time to think, really to marinate in what happened. On top of that, Joe went away for 41-months in March 2019 only to be topped off with a deportation. That was too much for Teresa so the divorce happened and as luck would have it she met Louie at the Jersey Shore (where all good romances start)!

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I boldly predict the question is about to be popped...at the Jersey Shore...this summer.  You heard it here first!  I already told you that Louie bought her a new mansion, by the way, you can look inside it here...and now he met Joe? It's happening, I see an engagement by end of summer at the Jersey Shore where they first met!  We'll be watching!  You got us Andy Cohen...we're all in.

Just a side note, Joe has this "whatever" attitude about the whole thing..."I mean, what are ya gonna do?" I'm not buying it.  I'm about to get real, here it goes:  Joe hates that Louie is taller, richer and taking his wife and family into a bigger Jersey mansion...he likes Italy a whole lot but he does miss America.  That's just one radio chick's opinion.

I'm glad Teresa is finding happiness and I'm also glad there will be more reality TV to binge! Read more about what's going on with our Jersey girl here.  BTW since Teresa put it out into the universe that she would meet a Louie in shinning armour, I'm putting it into the universe that I'm invited to the wedding to cover it for all of you!  Teresa, start shopping for that wedding dress. xo

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