Last week. I told you that Kirkland's at Freehold Raceway Mall is closing. They are also shutting their West Long Branch location as well. Now, word on another shutdown at the mall.

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We are getting reports that liquidation signs are hanging at Sur La Table. The premium kitchen and cookware retailer had been a staple at Freehold Raceway Mall for quite some time.

While I always wish displaced employees the best, this isn't necessarily a bad thing or a sign that the mall is in trouble. Is retail hurting? Sure. But Freehold Raceway Mall is doing great business and is here to stay.

So, let's start speculating and voicing our opinions. What do you want to take the place of Kirkland's and Sur La Table? I don't think it would hurt for Apple to open a second location or move into a bigger spot. That place is always packed?

What is missing from Freehold Raceway Mall that would be a destination for you?

Tell me in the comments section.

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