One New Jersey ice cream shop is poised to gain in popularity after being listed as one of the world's best.

The honor has been bestowed on The Bent Spoon in Princeton by Financial Times.

But, it was reportedly the publication's readers that determined the list that was created, according to, so that means locals were probably the ones to help give The Bent Spoon the global spotlight it deserves.

The is the place that serves outrageous ice cream flavors like Jersey Corn dusted with Old Bay seasoning.

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To say they serve a variety of flavors would be an understatement. How about Sweet Basil, or Blueberry Mascarpone? If you've got an adventurous palate, The Bent Spoon is the space to stretch it. Their IG is stacked with mouthwatering photos of their unique concoctions.

Financial Times list recognizes ice cream, gelato, and granita shops from all over the planet, including Italy, Finland, and Germany. But The Bent Spoon right here in the Garden State was one of the only ice cream shops in the U.S. to gain the magazine's attention.

The Bent Spoon is located at 35 Palmer Square, W. Princeton, NJ.

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