...or should I say she is brave enough to have LET him, lol!

(Matt Hopp, Photo courtesy of Nancy Hopp)

Matt and Nancy from Point Pleasant are stuck at home together during this time of social distancing, as are most of us.

And I must say, he sure is a good sport to agree to help her with her hair color!

Nancy says, "I did it because I figured what’s the worst that could happen?!?!? My hair looked like crap so it gave us something fun and different to do and we had a laugh. Plus...where am I going anyway?! Maybe this should be the new challenge, LOL!"

(Photo from Nancy Hopp)

If you've ever tried to apply your own hair color, you know the acrobatics you have to go through to make sure you got every spot on your scalp in the back, lol!

We're all sad, believe me, that we can't see our hair stylists and now we're left having to color our own hair.

But, Matt....looks like you did a good job! Nancy's hair looks great, she is happy, and you looked the part of a serious hairdresser! Ha!!

(Photo from Nancy Hopp)

Thanks for sharing and listening from Point Pleasant, you two! We love hearing from audience members, so you made my day :)

We appreciate you bringing us a laugh despite how crazy these time are!

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