It recently surfaced that Atlantic City might make it permanently legal to publicly consume alcohol on their boardwalk and other designated areas in town.

This rule change all started so that the local restaurants had a better chance of staying afloat by selling to go cocktails. But now AC officials starting asking themselves, "Why aren't we doing this year round for that much more economic gain?"

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You cant lie. Allowing public alcohol consumption would only help AC's economy and revenue.

Think about it: you get a round of the drinks and walk. You get another round of drinks and shop. You get another round of drinks and then you want food. It could really help to bring things to the next level.

So my question for you is do you think the rest of the Jersey Shore should consider legalizing a similar law?

I know we don't have casinos in Monmouth and Ocean counties which does change the dynamic a bit but this could be a nice boost for the economy that we will all desperately need when this pandemic finally comes to a close. (If that EVER happens)

Helping the economy and making the Jersey Shore even more of a destination is on the positive side but I I understand the big concern on the negative side.

If we allow public alcohol consumption, then the Jersey Shore could become overrun with party hooligans with no respect for the towns that we work so hard to preserve.

But there are instances of that already happened and if I may say so myself, public officials have handled it beautifully. They have set their foot down and was more concerned about getting things done rather than being liked.

So what do you think? Can the Jersey Shore handle it?

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