Brace yourselves, folks. 'Pumpkin creep' is a real thing. And it's happening.

You know how Christmas displays only used to pop up once Thanksgiving had passed? Then slowly it started happening earlier and earlier until you realized you spotted Santa next to the late-season flip flops.


It's the so-called Christmas creep, which has given way to the Pumpkin creep...and it's TOO MUCH.

My newsfeed is full of people posting about pumpkin recipes, and barely containable excitement about Starbucks' new 'actually-made-with-pumpkin' Pumpkin Spice Latte. As I drove to the grocery store last week, I saw a sign for one of those pop-up Halloween costume shops. And let's not even discuss the few lazy leaves that INSIST on falling early. (HEY, LEAF. QUIT BEING A BUM. YOU'RE NOT DONE YET.)

I know summer is almost over, but can we put the emphasis on the ALMOST?

It's MID-August. Not only do we have two weeks left of a legitimate summer month, but then we get a few solid weeks of LOCAL summer! Autumn doesn't actually start until September 23rd! Can we please enjoy a little more warmth and sunshine while it lasts? We'll still have plenty of time for hoodies and football and all the nice things about fall...but why rush it?

I love pumpkin goodies as much as the next gal, but it has its time and place: October.