So here it is, mid-August, and if you have been out shopping in any stores lately you not only see "Back to School" items on the shelves, but Halloween, fall, and Pumpkin Spice everything are taking over. It's not everywhere yet but soon enough the takeover will be in full effect. While I get some stores want to get a jump on sales and hope to gain a little extra profit by putting limited things out that you may not be able to find closer to Halloween, I really think it's too soon!

As a parent, it is stressful enough taking children shopping for the things you need for the moment, throw in things like a Halloween costume and not only does the whining begin, but if you are the parent that caves in, you have now thrown off your spending budget.

Then there is the case of actually buying the Halloween candy. Candy does, in fact, get stale! The last thing I want for my child is to eat a stale piece of candy! It's gross! So you stick it in the freezer? No one wants to eat freezer burned candy either. Just saying. So what do we do about this? We wait until October.

Are you tired of the pumpkin creep?

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