Shelter life can be stressful for a dog who doesn't know why his owner left him to become a stray.

(Cash, MCSPCA)
(Cash, MCSPCA)

Thankfully the Monmouth County SPCA took in this adorable 6-year old German Wirehaired pointer.

His name is Cash, and the MCSPCA was able to contact the owner who, sadly, refused to take him back!

But that hasn't gotten this boy down.

Cash weighs 50 pounds and is full of great energy. He loves his walks, playing in the pool, being outside with his shelter friends, and, there isn't a toy that this boy doesn't love!

Shelter life is very tough for Cash and it would be great if someone could give him a forever home very soon. He surely deserves one.
For info on our Point Pet of the Week, the MCSPCA, and this precious dog Cash, CLICK HERE.
And, P.S., who says you can't find a purebred dog at a shelter?!

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