I was hoping Wunder Weiner would be back and better than ever just down the road a little bit on Rt. 9 in Bayville. We want Der Wunder Weiner back.

Wunder Weiner, which was once in the former Beachwood Mall Plaza in Berkeley Township, will be moved down a little bit South on Rt 9 in the vacant lot between Black Beard's Cave and Fuller's Marina. The owner Jerry LaCrosse was hurt badly when a car drove into the food truck. After this horrible accident, the community came together to help raise money for the LaCrosse family and Mr. LaCrosse always said der Wunder Weiner will be built again. I'm really, really hoping this is true.

Wunder Wiener on Route 9 in Beachwood
Wunder Wiener on Route 9 in Beachwood, (Rosetta Key)Townsquare Media NJ)

Wunder Weiner is loved and we all loved it so much, it was so sad when it was destroyed in a car crash in 2018. Wow, it's been that long, already. Everybody was so concerned about owner Jerry LaCrosse and how he was doing after the accident. We were all so happy to hear he was doing well and was ready to open next to Blackbeard's in Bayville.

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Wunder Weiner was previously located in the parking lot of the former Beachwood Mall Plaza. Lacrosse, who owned Wunder Weiner, owned it for more than 30 years.

A while ago, LaCrosse announced he had found a new location for Wunder Weiner at 108 Atlantic City Blvd. (Rt. 9). The location would be up a little bit north of Blackbeard's Cave.

From reports I'm hearing and seeing, LaCrosse wanted to open then Covid-19 hit, so possibly that's the delay. I believe once again, I'll see lines waiting for their favorite dogs at Wunder Weiner. I personally can't wait.

I would love to see Wunder Weiner once again on Rt. 9.

Have you heard anything?

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