Want to watch the Jet Star Coaster as it is dismantled today in Seaside Heights?

Forget fighting the traffic and crowds...you can watch it from the comfort of your computer!

EarthCam has turned it's Seaside Heights Boardwalk Cam to face the submerged coaster today, letting us all watch together as it comes down after Prince Harry leaves today.

I never went to see the coaster while it was in the water, but I remember riding it as a kid. It will certainly be strange to see it go, but it's another step for all of us as we continue to rebuild.

I do wonder though if perhaps we should have a 'Rubble Where Homes Used To Be Cam' so maybe we can get people to pay as much attention to all the demolition, clean up, and rebuilding that needs to be done!

I know it will take a long time, but I can't help but think about the residents who must be so frustrated hearing about the boardwalks being rebuilt. That being said, hopefully after the businesses get up and running and people start coming back and spending their money at the shore...the focus will be back on getting locals back in their homes.

Sandy victims, you haven't been forgotten!

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