When I read about Red Bank Catholic football player Alex Brown and his recent tribute to his Mom, I felt like someone was actually squeezing my heart. What happened is more than heartwarming, to me, it is even more proof that our loved ones never really leave us.

I was reading The Patch's wonderful and emotional story about this fantastic Red Bank Catholic quarterback, Alex Brown, and how he was able to turn his grief into glory for his Mom just one day after she lost her 14 year battle with cancer.

Last Friday night, Alex chose to play his football game even after losing his Mom. He wanted to play in honor of her and no doubt to thank her for all the games she watched him play since he was a little boy. Alex posted the photo above with this message to his Mom...

Photo credit: Alex Brown Twitter
Photo credit: Alex Brown Twitter @AlexRayBrown2

As Alex scored those 8 touchdowns against Morris Catholic he said he felt his Mom with him.

Alex told Fox and Friends,

I knew I was ready to play as soon as I stepped on that field. I could feel my mother's presence with me and I looked into the crowd and I could see my whole family behind me. I just knew I was ready to go. Watching her struggle with cancer for almost 15 years, it just made me a stronger person. I don't think I'll ever be as strong as she ever was.

This story that hit me right in the heart. I also lost my Mom to cancer when I was about Alex's age. Alex, if you happen to read this please know that even when you are in your forties like me, you will still feel your Mom around you when you need her the most.  I can tell you from personal experience, Moms always find a way to guide us even from a different place.

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