Remember spelling class in elementary school? It was a class you either loved because you excelled or hated it and dreaded the infamous Spelling Bee.

Spelling is extremely easy and effortless now between autocorrect and Google, our phones do it all for us. P.S., that’s not a good thing.

Miquel Parera via Unsplash
Miquel Parera via Unsplash

But no matter how we learn how to spell, there will forever be words that we need to turn to Google (does anyone own a physical dictionary anymore?) to help us out.

Experts at Unscrambled Words turned to some Google data and were able to determine the most misspelled word in each state and I’m starting to think we need to add more spelling classes to our school curriculum.

But after looking at the rest of the list, there are other states that need more help than we do.

I understand states like Nevada that need help spelling the word “seizure” or Tennessee that can’t spell “pneumonia”. Utah is up there too with “boutonniere”. Those aren’t easy to remember.

Typed text with spelling mistakes

But let’s talk about Idaho and West Virginia. Their most misspelled words are their own states.

Apparently, the people in Idaho don’t know how to spell “Idaho”.

And in West Virginia, they are Googling how to spell “West Virginia” although I hope it’s the “Virginia” part they are struggling with.

Now, this is where we should be concerned. North Dakota has a hard time with “sorry” and Georgia can’t spell “little”.

So maybe New Jersey isn’t so bad after all — except the fact that it’s a number. Oh, the irony.

New Jersey’s most misspelled word is “thousand”.

Joshua Hoehne via Unsplash
Joshua Hoehne via Unsplash

I hope you’re not writing any checks any time soon (do people still do that?).

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