There are sexy accents, and there are not so sexy accents. It turns out that the New Jersey accent isn't very sexy at all.

According to results at Big 7 Travel, the New Jersey accent is almost the least sexy accent in America. Ouch. That one really hurts. As a matter of fact, if it wasn't for our friends in Long Island, we'd be the, well, unsexiest.

The rankings weren't broken down specifically by state, but rather by regions known for a particular accent, and out of 50, our beloved Garden State landed at the very unattractive #49 spot.

So, how did these results happen? Big Seven Travel did a survey with their 1.5 million social followers, and according to that poll, our sweet little New Jersey accent apparently turned off the second most voters.

On the other hand, if you happen to have (or can fake) a Texas accent, you are speaking with the sexiest accent in the poll. That's probably ok with New Jersey residents, but wait until i tell you the rest of the top 3.

Ready to get infuriated? The number 2 sexiest accent is the Boston accent, and at #3? How about New York. What? New Yawk is the third sexiest accent and our Jersey accent is #49? Come on! That really hurts!

I'm originally from New York and spent my childhood there, but have spent all of my adult life in the Garden State, and I couldn't disagree with this more. Reverse it, and then then I think you're on to something.

So let me get this right. On the beach this summer, we're going to be the ones with the unsexy accent? I don't think so!

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