I just heard a story about a young kid from out of town meeting someone from New Jersey for the first time over the holidays, and he couldn't stop laughing about the funny way the person talked.

I don't think we have that bad of an accent here in New Jersey, do you? I grew up in New Yawk and spend years trying to get rid of that. Now that's an accent. But now that it's mostly gone, I think I speak pretty accent free.

I know one thing for sure. Most of us don't talk like the cast of Jersey Shore. Or for that matter, any actor from California who tries to portray someone from New Jersey, and winds up doing a mixture of New York and Chicago. Really? Hey Hollywood, how about hiring someone actually from New Jersey and you may get it right for once!

Now I'm going to sit here and finish my cawfee. and remember, I'm from New Jersey.  Please don't tell me I tawk funny.

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