Many Bon Jovi fans were disappointed to not see Richie Sambora at the band's two MetLife Stadium shows last week. Conflicting stories as to why there has been a fallout between Jon and Richie have been making their rounds, and now a new Ritchie Sambora single seems to jab Jon Bon.

Alberto E. Rodriguez, Getty Images
Alberto E. Rodriguez, Getty Images

Richie pulled out of the "Because We Can Tour" sighting "personal issues." Sources close to the singer have said that Sambora and the band couldn't agree on money.

According to staffers close to the band, Richie wanted to play his two hometown shows at MetLife Stadium, but Jon refused to even take his calls.

So, what has the Bon Jovi guitarist been up to while the rest of the band has been on the road? Making new music. This song was released Sunday on YouTube and some could say the latest Richie effort proves there is bad blood.

Sambora sings:

What do you want me to say, I gave you everything I could give. But everything just wasn't enough, so I just let live and live


Listen to Richie's latest "Come Back As Me" and tell us if you think Sambora is targeting Jon. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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