The year is 2021 and kids are busting through people's fences, pretending they're the Kool-Aid Man.

The #KoolAidManChallenge has become a problem for towns across the country. The challenge involves people, typically teens, running through fences to mimic the '90s Kool-Aid commercial in which the Kool-Aid Man breaks through walls to promote the fruity drink.

The trend has been popularized on TikTok and YouTube with people running through walls, doors and fences screaming his famous catchphrase, "Oh, yeah!" Meanwhile, homeowners are probably screaming, "Oh, no!"

The latest town facing destruction is Caldwell, Idaho. Homeowner Richard Phillips told local news station KTVB7 that he was the second home hit in the area. His property has been wrecked on two occasions. He says 10 to 15 other houses were also hit in the area.

“What in the world goes through these kids' minds to drive around so late at night and have the thought process of, ‘Oh, I’m going to destroy someone’s fence?'” Phillips questioned while speaking the to station.

"It's a group of high school-aged kids driving around the neighborhood targeting people with vinyl fencing," he added. "They get out of the car long enough to plow through someone's fence while someone is recording, and they jump in the car and leave."

According to Fox, the city of Omaha, Neb. was also a target this past summer. More than 15 homes were damaged due to the challenge.

See a video of the Kool-Aid Man challenge in action, below.

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