It warms your heart to see someone think of others before themselves, doing good for others, being there in a time of need.

When we're kids, how often do we want to hold onto anything and everything, not because we're selfish but perhaps because we're afraid to give something away especially something we've outgrown on one or multiple levels.

Nick Rizzo is a leader among his peers with a heart of gold coming from a good family and he took it upon himself to realize there were others out there in need.

Nick Rizzo. (Photo: Howell Police Captain Tom Rizzo)
Nick Rizzo. (Photo: Howell Police Captain Tom Rizzo)

The young baseball player one day went to his Dad, Howell Police Captain Tom Rizzo, and said he wanted to donate some of his sports equipment to others out there.

He then made a fundraiser out of it.

It then turned into an even bigger fundraiser when the Howell Township Police Department said they decided to join with young Nick in setting up a drive to gather even more gently used sports equipment.

If Nick was the leadoff hitter, his father hitting second and Howell PD hitting 3rd in the lineup -- you're the clean-up hitter, it's time to bring in the runs (equipment) as your means allow.

If you can, head on over to Certified Automall on Route 9 in Howell between 6:00 and 7:00 pm Monday thru Saturday until November 20.

Howell Police said that from there, on November 23, they will distribute the donated equipment to anyone who needs it at Certified Automall between 4:00 and 8:00 pm.

Then, there's extra innings.

Howell Police said that "on the day of distribution let’s play catch with a cop! Warm up those arms!"

If you have any questions you can call 732-919-2825 or visit

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