Eating pizza, great! Eating pizza and supporting local animal shelters, EVEN BETTER! This is fantastic and I am thrilled to be getting the word out. A brand new pizzeria called Rocco's Pizza just opened on Main Street in Bradley Beach. Not only does Rocco's Pizza host Italian favorites created by an award-winning chef, but they only serve customers flavorful food crafted with high-quality ingredients. The deals are great and the more they serve the more they help! Rocco's Pizza donates part of its profits to local animal shelters in the name of the owner's first family rescue dog, Rocco.

Monica Cione is also the owner of Cione Gelato in Cape May, New Jersey. She's excited about the opportunity to own a business in Bradley Beach. On the Rocco's Pizza website, she says:

"Rocco was the name of my first dog. Also the name of our family dog in this moment. They are both rescues. We are a family that is dog and animal lovers in general. I always tried to help any animal in distress since I was little. I wanted to do more and more because they have no voice. So here we are. The Pizza place will help shelters and families that are willing to adopt animals and businesses that want to help pets. Part of our profit will be used to help the ones in need and also support those who are willing to add new fur members to their family. The more we sell the more we help. We are going to donate part of the income to help the best friend any human being can dream of having as a pet. You eat and we give money for a purpose. So be ready to spread love and kindness. Make your belly happy with our delicious food!" 

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Congratulations to Rocco's Pizza! This is an awesome idea and I wish them tremendous success. I can't wait to make my way into Bradley Beach to grab a slice! Rocco's Pizza hours are 11-9 pm Sunday – Thursday & 11-10 pm Friday/ Saturday. They are located at 812 Main St in Bradley Beach. You can make an order at 732-988-8500 and they do deliver. Check out the menu HERE.

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