Que caliente!

Rook Coffee is looking to spice things up with their brand new Mexican Mocha Style Cold Brew!

This rich, chocolatey treat starts with a Mocha Style Cold Brew base but then they add cayenne pepper and a dash of cinnamon to kick it up a notch.

"Think smooth chocolate, spicy heat and some serious deliciousness packed into your coffee," said Marc Hindman, Director of Brand Strategy at Rook Coffee. "We crafted this extremely special, limited release cold brew coffee and are so excited to share it with everyone."

This newly released coffee blend is available at all Rook Coffee locations and can be purchased by the cup but for a limited time only .

Even better -- it is completely natural and contains ZERO artificial ingredients, colorings, syrups, or added sugar.

For more information, visit Rook Coffee's website or Facebook Page.

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