This stretch of road may not have the most stopped cold traffic of all the single lane roads in Monmouth County, but all it takes is one car doing 30mph, and this stretch may just be the most frustrating road in Monmouth County.

When you think about a road that frustrates you, the list is long for Monmouth County drivers. But I have a 6 mile stretch of road that happens to be the one that has given me more frustration that any other in Monmouth County. I’m talking about the one lane section of Route 33 between the 33 and 34 intersection near the Collingsood Auction and the split of 33 business and highway in Freehold. Are you with me on this one?

It’s not like there is constant traffic here, and it’s not like you’re always in bumper to bumper traffic either. But knowing there is open road ahead of you and you are the 3rd car in a line of 11 hopelessly stuck behind a car doing 30mph can be one of the most frustrating driving emotions that Monmouth County has to offer.

Sure, there are times along the route where passing is an option, but let’s be honest, it’s never a good idea, and most people correctly decide to pass on that passing option.
And the pinnacle of frustration for me happens when the 33 business and highway split as you head toward the Freehold Raceway Mall and points beyond.

You feel like the road has opened up and you can finally get around Mr. 35 mph. But it’s just an optical illusion, and you are stuck with 2 miles of entrance ramps and single lane hell until it finally becomes multi lane.

By that time, your spirit is broken, not to mention the fact that Mr. 35 mph kicks it up to 70 as soon as anyone tries to pass him.

There is just no satisfaction on this 6 mile stretch of road we call Route 33.
Be careful. Always drive safe...and just take a deep breath and let the whole experience make you a more patient person. Wait. What? This is still New Jersey, right?

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