I was driving on the Parkway yesterday and it seemed like any feelings of togetherness after Sandy has completely disappeared.

In a fifteen minute journey, I was tailgated twice, saw two drivers speed up so that someone couldn't change lanes in front of them and saw one guy doing about 100 zipping in and out of lanes with of course no signal light or concern for anyone's safety or sanity. And all of it right in the middle of all that construction.

I know it's not most of us, but come on! We're better than that. There really is no need to cut people off and speed up the second someone puts a signal light on so they can't get in front of you. And there is absolutely no reason to have to speed up to find out what the person who cut you off looks like. Although, I think we've all done the last one. You feel like you have to know, right? Don't give in to the temptation!

Listen, I'm not preaching. We've all been that driver. I'm just saying we're stressing ourselves out way more than we have to, and it doesn't really get us anywhere. If you don't believe me, just ask the guy who had to cut you off on the Parkway, when you see him at the red light at the end of the exit ramp. He'll still be there. Now, seeing that never gets old.

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