Boss: "Nicole, I need you to write more content for 94.3 The Point's website."

Me: "Ay, ay sir!"

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And what do I choose to write about? Those Summer cocktails....don't judge me.

First I told you about the Best Frozen Cocktails at the Jersey Shore, but now today we are switching it up by talking about the best Rum Buckets at the Jersey Shore.

For a lot of places, a Rum Bucket is a 32 oz. drink with all different sorts of rums, juices, garnishes and even floaters if you are feeling a little extra frisky.

I must warn you before we get to the good stuff....careful with these. A lot of the recipes we found are DEADLY and could be hangover city.

So let's take a look and if I missed a Jersey Shore spot with a killer Rum Bucket, please email me at so I can add it to the list.

Drink responsibly my friends.

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