I've taken you inside many outstanding and extraordinary houses and mansions in New Jersey.

There's certainly no shortage of impressive properties.

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This caught my eye because every single room is so immaculate and, well, so expensive it's almost too nice to live in.

I mean it.

12 Warewoods Road in Saddle River sits on two acres of land. This palace sold for $13.5 million according to Trulia..

This home was on the market for a very long time.

When it sold, the market wasn't quite as on fire as it was, but still, between the land and property, it wasn't an unreasonable asking price.

Was the price tag the reason this masterpiece of a property was on the market for nearly a year? Perhaps.

$13.5 million is a lot, but for those looking to live in opulence and right outside of New York City, it's not a crazy amount.

That being said, the estimated mortgage is just over $67,000 a month. We won't even go into the property taxes.

The seven bedrooms and 12 baths are jaw-dropping.

Even the hallways are out-of-this-world.

Built in 2013, this mansion is described as a "French masterpiece."

My theory is that this house is just too perfect to live in. Period. I would be so careful not to get anything dirty that I wouldn't enjoy it at all.

Don't believe this mansion is too stunning to live in? Let's do a tour.

Hang on for the ride because there are some definite surprises along the way.

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Gallery Credit: Matt Ryan

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