When Governor Murphy lifted the mask mandate the week leading up to Memorial Day Weekend, it was a breath of fresh air.  Not only was it a good sign that together, New Jersians worked diligently to manage and beat this virus, but the results of our efforts have provided us with choices.  For students and faculty attending school in Brick, they are now being provided an option when it comes to in-school mask requirements.

School officials are responding to a recent tweet by the Governor suggesting this option be offered in districts as we continue to experience the warmer weather. "School officials are empowered to relax masking among students and staff in their buildings given extreme weather conditions,”  Murphy said.

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A decision to discontinue the in-school mask mandate was a priority Brick Township Superintendent Thomas Ferrell and school board President Stephanie Wohlrab asked Murphy in a letter to the Governor back in May.  Perhaps the request paid off.

Additionally, after conferring with the Ocean County Health Department the Brick school board has also approved the use of air conditioning, for schools with it.  This decision is a reversal of previous Centers for Disease Control guidance and welcoming news for faculty and students as temperatures continue to rise.

I must say, the days of panic for not wearing a mask before you leave the house has become akin to forgetting your phone.

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Now students in Brick can just concentrate on not forgetting their homework…and their phone.



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