There are a lot of great businesses in a bustling town like Brick. So which ones are the best? Well, we know there's no lack of data on the internet. So we dug in to see what we could find.

The first thing we came across was Zippia's top 5 businesses in Brick. They came up with their list based on diversity, salaries, and the company's financial health, and here are their conclusions.

#5 Millennium Eye Care

#4 Game Time

#3 North American Video

#2 Preferred Behavioral Health Group

#1 Ocean Medical Center

Of course, there is no lack of opinions on just about anything, and this topic is no exception. So we tried to answer the same question with Yelp! and here's what we found. Their top 5 were completely different.

Charlie's of Bay Head (I know...of Bay Head, but I guess it's the surrounding area)

Kinetic Knowledge

Peter Marchiano, CPA

TLC Movers

Frank's Mobile Notary Service.

And there are even more suggestions at Lensa. They seemed to focus on more national names, but the top 5 they list are completely different than the others...

Wal Mart


Sherwin Williams



We know there are a thousand great businesses in the Brick area. And if you want to shout out a great local Brick merchant, please do in the Comment section, because we support all local businesses in Brick and surrounding areas!

For a list of more great Brick businesses, just visit the Brick Chamber of Commerce. and make sure you support local businesses in every town you're in. Thanks!

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