So many people say thy are committed to their town, but how many can say their family has been in a town for almost 400 straight years. It's time to meet the Brick family who can say exactly that.

We spent some time talking to Chelle Hulse, whose family has been living in Brick since the early 1600's, and as you can imagine, their story is a one of a kind amazing adventure and we want to share some of it with you.

Chelle currently serves as the Executive Director for the Brick Township Chamber of Commerce. She took some time to share some amazing facts about this incredible family's journey through the centuries right here in Brick. It's time to share the Hulse family story.

It all started back in the early 1600's when Chelle's  great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather Benjamin Holsaert (which became Hulse in translation) made the journey to the United State from the Netherlands. He arrived in the area we now know as Brick hundreds of years before it was known as Brick.

The family has continuously resided in town for the better part of 4 centuries. Members of the Hulse family served in many wars, including Elias, John, William and Joel Hulse who all served in the Civil War. Isaac Hulse served in world War I and Francis Hulse served in the second World War.

And Ulysses, and his son Lee Samuel Hulse ran the popular Hulse Landing Resort for many years. Hulse's Landing operated into the 1960's.

It's quite a journey, and an amazing story that a family has been in one of our favorite towns for so long.. So thank you to the Hulse family for sharing some really awesome information and some of their story with us.

Chelle reminds everyone that it's going to be a big summer and everyone should get out and support all your favorite local businesses. for more info, visit the Brick Township Chamber of Commerce website.

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