If you've driven past the Shell on Lanes Mills Road and Burnt Tavern Road and noticed some construction going on, here's what's up. 

The Asbury Park Press shared that a Circle K Convenience store is coming, BUT - that's not all. It will have a fast-food restaurant with a drive-thru window - SCORE! Here's more about the project from APP:

It will consist of a 3,010-square-foot convenience store and a 2,236-square-foot fast food restaurant with a drive-through lane. The type of fast food restaurant wasn't disclosed.

What fast food joint do you hope gets added? In my dream world, it would be In-N-Out Burger, but I don't think that's too realistic. I'm going to guess it's something like a Starbucks or maybe a Taco Bell. My initial thought was Dunkin, but then I remembered theres' already one next door.

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These are some awesome additions to the Shell Gas Station - it brings more business to the town, and who doesn't love a gas station where you can hop out and grab some food to chow down on while you're driving to your destination?

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And speaking of more business, the article also mentioned that there's an entire Wawa coming across the street from the Shell station. So when it comes to food and fuel, you'll have your choice in Brick!

Are you excited to see these additions coming?

H/T: David P. Willis, Asbury Park Press

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