The Sea Bright Fire Department was on hand to battle a devastating house fire in Red Bank yesterday. Unfortunately, they say while one of those brave firefighters was risking his life, some low-life stole from his truck.

Can you identify the thief?

SBFD shared the photo of the suspect with the caption, "Does anyone recognize the blue Volvo? This guy stole one of our members work boots from his truck while he was operating at today's fire!!!"

It's a small picture, so here's a zoomed in shot:

Red Bank fire thief
Sea Bright Fire Department via Facebook

I can only hope there's some reasonable explanation for all of this...or this person is just a terrible human being.

On a brighter note, members of the Red Bank Business Alliance chimed in on the Facebook thread to say they took up a collection to replace the firefighter's at least there's a tiny silver lining.

If you have any information on the theft, contact the Sea Bright Fire Department or Red Bank Police.

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