You can still get tickets to this incredible event tomorrow night in Ocean Township!

What does one of the most influential rock stars, a rising musician and the family that loves and supports him, and an acclaimed doctor creating innovative treatments that can change the lives of women have in common? They are our state's biggest and brightest and are all being honored by Mary's Place by the Sea, the local charity that has helped over 6,000 women with cancer nationwide.

For one night, on Oct. 21st from 6 pm - 11 pm, they will all come together for the Oceanfront Bash at Buena Sera Palazzo in Ocean Township, with cocktail style dining, live music and dancing, gift auctions, open bar, and hundreds of Mary's Place supporters.

Asbury Park-based honoree Quincy Mumford (born in Allenhurst) says that one of the most rewarding aspects of his art form is the ability to reach people emotionally and bringing people together to support a communal goal brings him such gratitude. Quincy says, "To have my wife, parents and fans support Mary's Place has been an unexpected positive experience in my career and life."

Honoree Bobby Bandiera says of his experience "I became involved with Mary's Place by the Sea after a good friend told me about this wonderful mission. She'd battled cancer herself and was amazed at how therapeutic the experience of Mary's Place is." Bobby says the new location is perfect, with childhood memories of vacations at the Jersey Shore coming back to him when he walked through the door and had a feeling of relaxation, love, and healing.

Being honored alongside Mr. Bandiera is friend and fellow musician Jim Celestino, who says that seven years ago his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer and it was like a bomb exploding in their life. Jim says "She had been trying to get Bon Jovi involved and my first reaction was 'no', being a little fish, but I knew that if I talked to Bob he would go to bat for me. I was laying in bed thinking, this woman has never asked for anything and does everything anyone asks of her, so I sent a sort of cryptic email to Jon Bon Jovi and Bobby to ask for support. Thankfully they both recognized the unique and incredible work these ladies do."

Honoree Dr. Denise Johnson Miller speaks about supporting Mary's Place, saying "There's the physical healing but then there is the healing that needs to come from the psychological trauma of being diagnosed with a life-threatening disease. How do you help people get over that so they don't stay in that fight or flight mode because one has to calm down in order for the immune system to work. Mary's Place allows a woman to have this time."

Lisa Guinan, a guest of Mary's Place and patient of Dr. Miller, says, " The moment I walked through the door to Mary's Place I felt such peace and calm and after the physical and emotional storm that is exactly what you re looking for even if you do not realize it at the time."

Mary's Place by the Sea is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting women who have cancer. Guests are provided with unconditional care during their time of extreme need at NO COST to them. it is the mission of Mary's Place by the Sea to give women with cancer a place to rest and recuperate during and after cancer treatments. The volunteers care for these women so they can focus on their healing. Guests are welcome to stay a few hours or up to three days. Some of the services offered to guests are oncology massage, nutrition education, guided meditation, yoga, journaling, spa services, one on one counseling, and more.

The first care center was opened in the summer of 2009 but now they have just finished building a 10-bedroom home so that they will never have to tell a woman she has to wait to receive these services. Over 6,000 women have been guests at Mary's Place by the Sea and have come from as far as England and Alaska to experience the love and support provided. Fundraisers like this are helping build the home and continue the mission to help women across the nation fight cancer.

Tickets to Friday night's event are $200. CLICK HERE for info.

For more info on Mary's Place and events like this one, CLICK HERE!



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