By the time you read this I will be at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York where today I will undergo spinal fusion surgery.  I won’t waste your time with all the details but basically they are fusing my L4, L5 & S1 vertebrae in my lower spine.  A metal cage and rods will be used in what will be about a 5-hour procedure.

I’m telling you this because it’s good-bye for an undetermined about of time.  While I hope to only be in the hospital for 3 days or so the recovery is a lengthy and unfortunately painful one.  It will mean missing most of what I love about summer, including long days on the beach but the goal is to have more of them in the future as the past couple of years have been a struggle.

Some of you are aware I had spine surgery last October but that was not related to this which is a degenerative condition that has simply gotten much worse over many years.  I’m hoping in time this will be a long-term solution.

So I’m out and while I hope you’ll miss my daily diatribes I also hope to return in the near future…whatever that means.

I have some people to thank in advance and I will start with my boss Jim Antes who has been very supportive during the past 9 months when things have gotten worse for me.  Of course my co-workers, especially those who I have long history with.  I am blessed to have great friends who I know are in my corner and have offered help when I return home to begin recovery.

Then there is my family who I count my blessings every day for.  My son Brandon, his wife Jill and my almost 3-year old grandson Carter who is part of my motivation for getting this surgery.  I need to be able to play and run with him which I can’t right now.  My daughter Alex is what every father dreams of and her smile and personality will certainly add to my recovery.  My brother and sister, mother and mother-in-law, sister-in-law’s, etc.  As for my wife Jane…well you know that part about “sickness and health, good times and bad?” I have pushed that a bit but she’s been there in the past and I know (at least I think so) will be there in the future.


I have to get better so I can keep up wit this guy
I have to get better so I can keep up wit this guy

So that’s it for now.  If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter (@shoresportsman) well look for updates at some point.

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