It's everything from educational shows to off the wall science fiction movies. No matter where you go, the topic is sharks. It must be shark week!

We helped kick off shark week at the New Jersey Natural Gas Asbury Park Boardwalk Studio with our conversation with Claire Antonucci from New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium.

She talked about the shark's critical roles in our oceans and how misunderstood the creatures are, mostly due to their Hollywood reputation, but let's remember the first true shark frenzy was due to an all too real set of circumstances right here in New Jersey.

After all, much of the modern fear of sharks began at the Jersey Shore and in the Matawan Creek in 1916. You can get an amazing, and truly chilling account of the incidents at National Geographic.

If you're into Discovery Channel's Shark week, it has begun. I checked out a pretty good show about the Megalodon last night, and if you want to check out some of the Shark week shows, get the full schedule at the Discovery Channel website.

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