Every time I see a preview for one of Syfy's original movies I say, "how could these get any worse?" It just did. Have you ever heard of a "sharknado?"

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According to Syfy, a "sharknado" is when a devastating hurricane off the coast drives a bunch of man-eating sharks close to shore, then propels them into a killing spree after a series of deadly tornados sends them airborne. And people doubt climate change! This masterpiece stars Ian Ziering, former Beverly Hills 90210 cast member and current Chippindales dancer and Tara Reid.

And who could forget "Jersey Shore Shark Attack!"

I guess these could fall into the "it's so bad, it's good" category, but c'mon! The acting is horrible, the effects are horrible and there's that thing called a plot. Thankfully "The Newsroom" is back on Sunday.

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