Lou Russo, Townsquare Media

The Monmouth County Sheriff's Office will be set up just to the left of the Monmouth County Fair entrance and will have, among other things, a Youth ID table.

The Youth ID table is set up so visitors can fill out an application for a youth or adult ID card. Remember, you will need personal identification for an adult ID, and a parent or guardian must sign the Youth ID application form. ID photos will be taken and the ID's will be created and mailed. There is no charge for the ID.

In addition to the ID's, the sheriff's office will also have a car seat safety are and, while they won't be installing car seats, they will plenty of info, and examples of properly installed car seats.

They will also have their canine handlers there as well as their Field Comm unit and other police vehicles.

For more info about the fair, you can visit the Monmouth County Fair website and for more on the sheriff's office, visit the Monmouth County Sheriff's office website.

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