Since the summer, Drum Point Elementary School in Brick has had a mold problem. Many parents claim their kids are getting ill and it's forced one teacher to transfer. While efforts to fix the issue have been ongoing for months, disgusting new pictures have surfaced revealing just how bad the conditions have gotten.

A fan of 94.3 The Point on Facebook shared these pictures of conditions at Drum Point Elementary after seeing this story yesterday and attending a school meeting.

drum point locker
Student locker at Drum Point Elementary in Brick (Townsquare Media New Jersey)
drum point book
Library book from Drum Point Elementary in Brick (Townsquare Media New Jersey)

In a private message sent to The Point through Facebook, the mother of a student wrote:

The Superintendent promised us action and he sent out a message after hours today letting us know that the school would not be shutdown and our children would have to remain there. This is a gross injustice. Please help us.


This was the letter posted on the Brick Township Public Schools website outlining an action plan.

drum point letter
Brick Township Public Schools

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