It is a new year, so we are all looking for a fresh start. I find myself organizing and cleaning and wanting to just breathe in happy vibes and healthy air. There is a life hack that I just found that helps you literally do that for pennies on the dollar so I have to share it with you!

It started as a Tik Tok trend and now it is really getting traction pretty much everywhere. This will be a literal dust magnet, it pulls allergens, mold spores, and unwanted moisture into the air and it sucks in bad smells. All the bad stuff stays in there like a net or a trap because of its natural structural pattern. The air quality of your home or office is about to get a huge boost.

So what is it? Millions of people are actually scattering a specific kind of charcoal throughout their homes. It is not your typical charcoal, it is specially made and it makes all the difference.

Photo by Nick Nice on Unsplash
Photo by Nick Nice on Unsplash


Everyone on social media thinks they are so slick because they are on the coal trend but it actually has a deep history. Buddhist monks would scatter it all around them to rid the air of toxins before meditation and they have done that for hundreds of years.

Here are the specifics:

The charcoal is bamboo activated.

Photo credit: Alex Keda
Photo credit: Alex Keda

You can find it online here. It is cheap and lasts for years. People are saying it is the best life hack of the year. You can toss it in a rancid hockey bag, or put it in the corners of your home, hiding them in a potted plant or in a vase on a window sill.

Some people say they don’t get headaches anymore because mold spores are trapped and pulled out of the air that they are breathing. It’s worth a try! I have hardwood floors in my house and there are dust bunnies no matter how much I sweep. I’m going to try this and see what happens they are supposed to be dust magnets. I’m loving this idea on the cheap. Do you have any life hacks I need to know about?

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