There has been a massive shortage of soap, hand sanitizer and basically any products that involves killing germs due to the Corona Virus.

In response, ShopRite has placed a limiting purchase on any types of soaps, disinfectant clears, wipes and other high-demand, germ-killing products.

This new rule also applies to cold & cough over-the-counter medicines.

“You may have noticed that we are starting to experience short supplies on products that are in high demand during this time,” according to an email sent out to customers Wednesday morning. “We’re working with our suppliers to keep these items on the shelf for you and we appreciate your cooperation in limiting your purchases to four so that everyone can get the products they need.”

Unfortunately, this quote is a bit vague. All we know is that ShopRite is asking customers to, "limit their purchases to four," which could mean four cleaning products per purchase or four of each individual product. We will fill you in once we get more information on this.

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ShopRite plans to have a debriefing today at 2 PM to discuss the developments of the Corona Virus in more detail. For more information on this, click HERE.

This has all been a lot to take in at once. But just continuously wash your hands, try and avoid anywhere that has large crowds and we will all get through this together.

For additional information on ShopRite's new announcement, head to

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