We had a weekend that brought back the tourists. And it was quite evident at this particular intersection.

Strollo's Lighthouse Ices in Point Pleasant Beach opened for the season this weekend. We walked over on Sunday afternoon and sat on a bench overlooking the intersection of Broadway and Ocean Avenue.

What a tourist 'show' we witnesses...a good lesson for my boys in how NOT to drive! There were cars coming down Broadway heading for either Ocean Avenue, the beach lot straight ahead right next to the ocean, or turning left to get to the inlet.

And then there were the cars coming off of Ocean Avenue trying to get back onto Broadway and head for the bridge.

As cars streamed in all directions, you could tell the tourists were back, and the locals were already losing tolerance. There was loud music with bass vibrations emanating from some cars, there were tinted windows in places that our state doesn't allow tinting, driving bullies honking if the car in front of them was taking too long (like if they actually came to a stop for a poor pedestrian trying to get across the busy intersection), extra-loud, souped up engines in some cars and some motorcycles, double the traffic in all directions, cars pulling into the public lot and realizing it was time to once again PAY for parking, etc. etc. Nerves were high, and patience was low. So much for a beautiful day at the shore.

I guess it was a lesson for my boys in what NOT to do and how NOT to act behind the wheel once they start driving, and it was certainly a show to see as we ate our ices, knowing that we didn't have to drive in that mess.

Plus, as an added bonus, there is always a fender-bender to be counted on as drivers coming up Broadway heading out of Point Beach try to merge onto the bridge and forget that the car in front of them may be STOPPED because they are waiting for an opening in the Rt. 35 north traffic.

Likewise concerning the bridge....how about coming into Point Beach? Cars are zooming down Rt. 35 south and doing 60+ over the bridge...not realizing that they have to come down the hill off the bridge to a traffic light and a 35 mph speed limit entering Point Beach. With a 90% chance of a cop sitting right there.

Welcome to summer at the Jersey Shore. Better plan to chill out now...it'll only get worse.

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