The COVID-19 Pandemic has flipped this world upside down.

Not only has everyone been stuck in quarantine and wearing face masks, but there have been shortages everywhere you turn.

The biggest one which I am sure you have heard of: toilet paper which I don't understand because it has nothing to do with the symptoms of COVID-19.

We have also been running short disinfectant products, pet foods, various cereals and even coins.

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I do understand that last one because people are much more hesitant to use cash because of the exchange of germs.

But you will never guess the next shortage we could be facing: Heinz Ketchup Packets.

Okay....before you make that face at me, let me explain because I do understand the rational.

A lot of businesses have eliminated the use of Heinz Ketchup bottles because many people would touch them on a daily basis. That is a big no no during a pandemic.

So they have relied on using single-use Heinz Ketchup packets so customers can still enjoy the condiment without risking passing off or contract germs.

Not to mention, take out has become much more popular option during the pandemic -- especially for those who are not comfortable to eat out in public just yet.

But Heinz Ketchup is not giving up that easy. Their goal? To make more of their product faster.

“To catch up with the ketchup shortage, Heinz plans to open new manufacturing lines, beginning with two in April, with the aim of increasing production by 25 percent and bringing the total of ketchup packets produced per year to 12 billion,” according to

So....can Heinz keep up?

We'll see.

But here are the products one would think we would run short on during the COVID-19 Pandemic...but haven't! Go figure....

Things I'm Surprised We Haven't Experienced Shortages Of During COVID-19 Pandemic

We've run out of the most random things: toilet paper, coins, cereal. Here are the shortages that would actually make sense.

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