Rabbi Yesuda Levin, based out of Brooklyn is making headlines by organizing a protest against Lakewood BlueClaws Pride Night. The gathering is scheduled to take place this Thursday at First Energy Park.

UPDATE (6/6/19): I have received emails and heard from many in the Lakewood Jewish community that they do not support Rabbi Levin. It's worth repeating that Levin is not from Lakewood, but rather from Brooklyn. Several people in the local Jewish community have compared Rabbi Levin's actions to that of the Westboro Baptist Church. Thank you to all who have reached out to me personally on this matter. It's clear now that Rabbi Levin is not representative of the majority of the Lakewood Jewish community.

This is not the type of topic that I normally dive into on my blogs, but I feel compelled. It is my own personal belief that everyone deserves to accepted regardless of who they want to love. Everyone. There's an important word back there, love. There's not enough of it going around these days.

This Rabbi is not spreading love, he is instead spreading hate. In a flyer promoting a protest against the Lakewood BlueClaws Pride Night being held this Saturday at First Energy Park, he refers to homosexuality as "an abomination." He says that this celebration will "victimize young and innocent children." Levin calls the Pride event "anti-family brainwashing." Just awful. Rabbi posted this on YouTube.

This is the flyer being circulated.

FAA Lakewood
FAA Lakewood

I applaud our friends at the Lakewood BlueClaws for not backing down. BlueClaws officials made a statement as reported by The Patch:

We are committed to the idea that baseball is for everyone and all people are welcome at a BlueClaws game. It is unfortunate that some individuals are choosing to display intolerance rather than embrace the true spirit of the night. We look forward to BlueClaws Pride Night on Saturday.

Baseball is so American. And in America, we are all allowed to peacefully demonstrate like Rabbi Yesuda and his supporters are choosing to do. I'm not here to preach. If you don't support the rights of the LGBTQ community, you and I disagree, but you have the right to take that position. Most who feel this way will simply not go to a Pride Night or celebration, but respect those who do.

If you do believe that the LGBTQ community and everyone deserves kindness, respect, love, and the opportunity to celebrate who they are, you don't have to argue with protesters, all you have to do is enjoy a baseball game.

How great would it be if the Lakewood BlueClaws had a sellout night on Thursday while the Rabbi and company make a scene? No violence, no rhetoric, just a fun time at First Energy Park. That would send the biggest message to the haters. Make no mistake, the Rabbi is spreading hate.

It's sad that this kind of intolerance and lack of acceptance for our fellow human beings continues. I've never really understood what part of "love is love" is so hard to grasp.

If you're attending BlueClaws Pride Night, have fun, and try not to let others ruin your evening! Everyone deserves to love and be loved without exception. Everyone.

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