It is sad to hear just how many Starbucks locations will be closing permanently-- another business that has become a victim of the Covid-19 crisis. Here's what the new model of Starbucks will look like.

(photo by Liz Jeressi)
(photo by Liz Jeressi)

Starbuck is planning a new type of store on the heels of the pandemic, one that focuses on pick-up rather than sitting a while and relaxing inside with your coffee, food, and wifi signal.

These new stores will be small and without customer seating. (More like what Rook has been doing locally for years.)

In truth, Starbucks had already been planning to roll out this concept over the next several years, but that's now become a priority, especially in a world where indoor dining and gathering to hang out indoors in close proximity to others is something many will be cautious of in the future.

Starbucks was hit particularly hard by the pandemic because not all of its stores have drive-throughs, their prices are higher than other chain coffee shops like Dunkin', and because, with less commuters traveling to work, there simply weren't as many people on the road in the morning buying breakfast sandwiches and drinks.

So although Starbucks will be closing hundreds of its current stores, especially those without drive-throughs, you can expect to see hundreds of the new pick-up locations to open. You'll just have to take your coffee elsewhere to drink.

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