Six Flags Great Adventure Facebook Fans are being targeted in an internet scam. Theme park spokeswoman Kristin Siebeneicher says fans have been getting messages with an offer for four free tickets but six flags isn’t the author.

Siebeneicher says “it seems like it came in an e-mail form or was posted on their own page. It was not actually posted on our page. Fans started questioning us about it and asking us if it was legitimate because it was something different that they hadn’t seen before.”

She says the e-mail or post contains a link, that when you click onto it, may infect your computer with a virus. She says Six Flags corporate staff have been attempting the track the culprits and stop the scam but they’ve hit a brick wall. Seibeneicher says “it’s been very challenging to discover where these types of viruses are coming from. There is a good chance that it’s coming from overseas so we’re very limited as to what we can really do about it except for get the message out.”

As of Thursday, neither the Six Flags web page or Facebook page contained a warning about the scam.

Siebeneicher says what’s confusing is that Six Flags does have an offer on Facebook for two free tickets. She says that is actually legitimate. She recommends individuals looking for ticket deals to go directly to their Web Site and Facebook page and avoid e-mail offers with links altogether.


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