I know of quite a few women who know next to nothing about football but are SERIOUSLY crushing on Tim Tebow, and are now worried that he's going to  get ripped to shreds by 'mean and scary' New York and New Jersey residents, critics, and fellow players.

Many grown women that I know, both friends and co-workers, have fallen in love with Tim Tebow not just because of his looks or his playing abilities, but because of his kind nature,selflessness, religious beliefs, musical preferences, and, of course, tebowing.

In fact, there's one girl I know who was in tears the day she found out that Tim might be dating Taylor Swift!

While it will be sad if Tim remains on the sidelines and doesn't get to actually play (which I doubt will be the case) we women are more worried that the Jets may be too mean to him when he arrives! After all, they seem like such bad boys and Tim is so, well, nice!

We here in NJ and NY are used to people being harsh, outspoken, and just plain mean at times (and I'm just talking about the women of Real Housewives!) so we are hoping that our Tim can stay strong in his convictions and sweet in his personality.....as only a girl would describe a football player to begin with!

Whereas most women would give you a laundry list about what they'd like to change about their man.....everywhere I turn I hear the ladies saying "Please don't change, Tim!!!"

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