The beginning of a new football season is full of joy, and it's full of hope for just how great your team might do.

That feeling is fleeting for a Giants fan. Watching game 1 of this brand new season was like watching any miserable game from last season, in it for a minute, and then out of it. And I mean way out of it.

If you want positives, here they are. Eli Manning played a good game. As you know, I'm not exactly the Jersey Shore's president of the Eli fan club, but he was the least of their problems this week.

The offense looked good for one drive, but then ducked behind the shadows of a defense that looked like they weren't sure which team they were playing for.  Dallas literally did whatever they wanted all day on offense.

It's a shame. I was at the Stop 'n Shop on Bridge Ave in Point Pleasant Borough early Sunday and there were fans already wearing their Giants jerseys and they had balloons, and cakes with footballs on them, and buckets of wings and bags of chips.

They were ready. It's just a shame their favorite football team wasn't.

The experts say this is only one game and it's a long season. Plenty of time to turn it around, right? I've been a Giants fan way too long to buy that. Plus, I'm a long suffering Mets fan (yes, I know...tough combination), so the optimism is literally lost on me.

Jets fans don't have it much better today after a tough Week One late game meltdown. So it has already led me to the question I always ask around this time of year. Anybody ready for the Devils?

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